Launch your CX Performance and Insights into a new age.

Happitu is a workforce and scripting platform that acts as your service team's personal coach—giving them the process, resources, and insights to deliver the perfect customer experience over the phone. It analyzes 100% of your interactions and highlights what your customers actually experience.

Happitu inContact integration

Helping to deliver standout customer experiences for these companies

Industry partner: Customer Direct
Industry partner: Humane Society of Missouri
Industry partner: RATIONAL
Happitu Vision

Show where CX improvements are needed.

With Happitu Vision, all of your customer calls are automatically recorded, analyzed and scored against a variety of CX metrics. A comprehensive Dashboard view immediately identifies opportunities for CX improvement and allows you to drill down to relevant moments in your customer interactions.

  • Record, analyze and score 100% of your calls
  • Create greater efficiencies in your QA process
  • Monitor key CX metrics in real-time.
  • Design your own metrics to monitor unique and changing customer interactions.
  • Easily search for calls by sentiment and quickly identify where those key moments occur.
Integrated Nice InContact CRM
Agent scripting
Interactive knowledge base and help topics
Happitu Guide

A personal coach for every customer interaction.

Happitu Guide supports you agents by guiding them through every interaction with custom workflows, responsive scripting, and dynamic help topics. Include your multi-tiered escalation processes, and notification criteria for a complete customer service and support experience.

  • Reduce training costs by as much as 80%.
  • Decrease handle time by 20%.
  • Increase agent satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Improve consistency of the service experience.
  • Organize tribal information into a dynamic Knowledge Base
  • Easily Build and maintain agent scripting without programmers or IT staff

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